Licenced Asbestos
Removal Specialists

TMS Environmental is fully licensed by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to remove, encapsulate and dispose of asbestos containing materials (ACM’s).

Operating either as Principal Contractor, Specialist Sub-Contractor or Framework supplier, we provide asbestos removal services to both the private and public sector nationwide.

We assist our clients throughout the asbestos abatement process with their responsibilities as duty holders under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012).

Our mission is simple: To ensure that we develop and promote a culture of safety, quality and performance that is unrivalled in the asbestos removal industry. We will achieve this through the development and commitment to our employees and investment in innovative equipment.

Contaminated Land

Asbestos land remediation can be complex, depending on the volume of material identified.

Segregation of ACMs can be a challenging task, especially on large sites. Where possible, asbestos fragments are segregated from the affected soil. This method of remediation is suitable if the fibre‑count in the soil is low. Waste soil containing >0.1% w/w asbestos is classified as hazardous waste. This picking/segregation method is ideal for limiting the amount of contaminated soil that needs to be sent to landfill.

If the asbestos found in the soil is of a fibrous nature such as lagging or loose-fill insulation debris, then the safest method is to have the soils disposed of as contaminated waste and replaced with an inert and clean alternative.

The costs of this can be considerable so careful planning prior to development are crucial.

Asbestos contamination within the soil does not pose a huge threat, so long as it remains in situ, is capped correctly and there is minimal risk of fibres becoming airborne.

Whilst removing asbestos from soil, appropriate measures are taken to mitigate the spread of loose fibres. This is done by controlled wetting / spraying.


Our multi skilled teams are able to deliver the full mix of project types including commercial, industrial and residential demolition. We are able to carry out both Principal contractor or sub-contractor duties under CDM Regulations 2015.

Our knowledge and experience of demolition facilitates the provision of projects across a variety of private and public sectors, utilizing our comprehensive range of in-house equipment and plant. We encourage early engagement with projects to efficiently tailor a turn-key solution for the client at the best possible value for money.

Welcome to TMS Environmental

TMS Environmental Ltd are a Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor with Offices in Cornwall covering the Southwest and South East of England and in Cardiff covering Wales and the Midlands.

Our services include:

  • Licenced asbestos removals
  • Notifiable non licenced asbestos removals
  • Asbestos encapsulation and repair
  • Asbestos collection and disposal
  • Asbestos surveys
  • Product reinstatement services following removals
  • Land Remediation
  • Soft strip and demolition

Our directly employed senior management team bring a wealth of knowledge and legislative understanding from what is a highly regulated and controlled industry.

TMS Environmental Ltd has one goal; not to be the biggest but to be one of the industry leaders in standard, quality and service delivery.

Our high standard approach is adopted in all aspects of the business from receipt of tenders through to the completion and execution of the onsite works generating repeat business from our satisfied clients.

TMS Environmental Ltd offer a high level turnkey service delivery package whilst maintaining competitive tender pricing throughout the UK.

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